Where should I drive a Check scooter?

Check and ANWB have jointly developed an online driving training. Do it HERE and check your knowledge of the traffic rules on the basis of ten questions.
  • Traffic rules in Rotterdam, The Hague and Breda
    You follow the traffic rules for cyclists. So you always ride on the cycle path. You can drive at 25 km / h and do not need to wear a helmet.
  • Traffic rules in Amsterdam
    You follow the traffic rules for cars. So you always drive on the roadway, unless there is a mandatory moped cycle path. You can drive 45 km / h and must wear a helmet. You will find this in the top case on the back of the scooter. You open the top case in the app after unlocking the scooter by pressing the round button.
  • Always park your Check properly
    Only park your Check where this is permitted: in a scooter parking space or next to bicycle parking spaces. Make sure your Check is not in the way of pedestrians or other road users.

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