How do I open or close the Felyx scooter?

You can easily open and close the scooter in the Felyx app. An internet connection and location sharing permission is required to start and stop a Felyx scooter.

  • Activate the e-scooter with the app.
  • Push the e-scooter off the stand.
  • Press the green button on the handlebar to start the e-scooter and accelerate
  • Need more help? For a demonstration of all steps you can watch this video

You can park the Felyx scooter at a reduced rate. The Felyx scooter can only be locked within the service area.

  • By deactivating the e-scooter in the Felyx app (to do this, press "end ride") the e-scooter is closed and the ride stopped.
Important: make sure the buddy is properly closed and the Felyx scooter is on the stand to end the ride.

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