How does GoAbout bicycle work?

Follow the steps below to book a GoAbout bike.

  1. View the locations on the map and choose a bike sharing location.
  2. Choose 'info & prices' for more information or choose a bike from the list (make sure you are near the bike) if you want to continue ordering. Your phone's bluetooth is used to connect to the bike lock. 
  3. Create an account or login. After you have chosen a bike, the first time you pick up a bike, you will be asked to complete your profile with the necessary information and to pay 1 cent. 
  4. Check if everything is correct on the confirmation screen and agree when you want to order the shared bike. Also pay attention to the purple area at the top. If you use an (employer) subscription, it must be selected here. 
  5. Now you can use the shared bike. You can open and close the lock with your phone. You can find the order in the home screen of the App. 
  6. If you want to return the bike, do the following:

    a. make sure you are at a return location,
    b. make sure the lock is closed,
    c. press submit and then choose where you are located,
    d. your location and the lock will be checked. If everything is correct, your use will be terminated and you will be asked for feedback,
    e. let us know what you thought about it and if the bike needs maintenance.

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