How do I buy an e-ticket for the train via Gaiyo?

Via Gaiyo it is possible to buy an e-ticket for the train. Follow the next steps to buy a ticket.

1. Click on "Plan a trip" at the bottom of the dashboard.

2. Enter your departure and arrival location on the top of the screen.

3. Enter the time for your trip and click on  "Confirm" and then click on "Show trips now"

4. You will then see a number of different travel options appear based on your route. Choose the option with a blue train icon.

5. Choose one of the travel options.

6. You will now see a detailed view of your journey. If e-tickets for the train are available for your journey, a button with " View tickets" will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on this to buy your ticket.

7. You will now see the ticket that is available according to your route. (Note: the ticket shown is a standard one-way 2nd class ticket. If you want to change this, click on "Change" and then on "Done".)

8. Click on "Confirm selected" to order your ticket.

9. Check your ticket and click on "Confirm".

10. Je ticket is nu gekocht. Je kan je gekochte e-ticket bekijken via "Tickets en Reserveringen" door op de drie horizontale streepjes bovenaan in je dashboard te klikken.

For more information about scanning e-tickets see FAQ:

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