General information E-ticket

  • The E-ticket train is only a valid ticket for transport by train on route, on date and first- or second class stated on the E-ticket. You can only travel with the carriers stated on the E-ticket.
  • An E-ticket train one way can be used once and an E-ticket day return can be used once for the outward journey and once for the return journey.
  • The E-ticket train must be shown on a smartphone or tablet during a check. In addition, you must be checked in at a gate or post with a barcode reader.
  • Your surname and initials are stated on the E-ticket train. Make sure you can show a valid photo ID during the trip. The name on the identity document must match the name on the E-ticket train.
  • Pay attention! A surcharge applies for travel on the domestic route of ICE international and the Intercity direct between Rotterdam Central and Schiphol Airport. This can be purchased at the NS ticket machine.
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