How do I turn on my mobile data (3G / 4G) on an Android phone?

To be able to use various services within Gaiyo (shared car, shared bicycle and etc) you need to turn on your mobile data connection from your phone. A mobile data connection is necessary for booking a service and opening or closing doors/ locks.
Follow the next steps to activate your mobile data connection on an Android phone.

Swipe your finger from top to bottom twice on your home screen to expand the "settings/ notification" menu.


Check if "Mobile data" is turned on and adjust if necessary.

After performing the above steps it is possible to test your internet connection.
This can be done as follows:
1. Turn off your Wi-Fi
2. Open your interbrowser on your phone (Chrome / Firefox and etc.) and surf to any website and check if the site is loading.
If no website is loaded, please contact our helpdesk.

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